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What Are the Best IPL Betting Sites in India?

The IPL is India's biggest sporting event. It involves a kind of fandom and interest that few other leagues around the world can even dream of. Of course, with all the glitz and glamour comes the money as well. IPL betting is very popular, both offline and online. What are the best IPL betting sites in India? Well, a lot of people may have different options but these are the ones we think are the best.

What are the best IPL betting sites in India?

These four are not only among the best IPL betting sites but also among the best betting sites in the world. That's right. You can have a world-class experience of betting and making money on the IPL with ease from India.

Why do we rate these betting sites so highly?

Here are a few things that we like:

  • All of these sites allow you to bet in INR. That means there are no conversion fees because the websites accept the Indian Rupee.
  • The odds that you get are among the best on the internet. Odds or bhav as Indians call it decide how much money you are going to win if you win your bet, however, these can vary greatly from website to website. The four above provide the best odds time and again.
  • All of these websites are safe. You do not want to lose your money and so betting at a safe online betting site is very important. A long history of operation, licenses, and customer friendliness are just some of the things that we like in these websites.
  • The ease of use of a website is a big factor as well. Too many betting websites can be confusing and even overwhelming when you try to use them. Thankfully, the ones we like have a clean and easy to use interface.