What Are the Best IPL Betting Tips on Betfair?

Betfair is a very interesting website since it not only offers a traditional sportsbook but a betting exchange as well. This exchange matches people with opposing views on an event as long as they can agree on a price. For example, you may think that Mumbai Indians will win while someone else thinks CSK will win.

The Betfair exchange will pit you against each other. Since this is a person to person bet, there is no margin for the sportsbook like on other websites. You end up getting better odds. We also love the betting tips section that they have on the website. What are the best IPL betting tips on Betfair? You have to read the blog regularly to get the best value but here are a few things we take from them.

What are the best IPL betting tips on Betfair?

  • Learn to read the odds – Betfair discusses the odds of the major bets on offer and teaches you how to analyze them. This is an invaluable skill for a serious sports bettor. Not only can you use this on the Betfair exchange but also on any other sportsbook on the internet.
  • Ed Hawkins is a legitimate expert – Hawkins has one of the sharpest minds in cricket betting. He understands the game, understands betting, and is able to use them to provide some brilliant tips. They are not 100% accurate but that is not true for any IPL betting tipper out there.
  • Clear recommendations – You can read the tips for every IPL match and come away with clear options. You may not always win but you are giving yourself an excellent chance of winning by listening to expert advice.

In conclusion, Betfair runs one of the sharpest betting tips blogs on the internet. read it regularly so that you can continue to improve as a bettor.