What Are the Best IPL Betting Tips?

India is a cricket crazy country but just how much Indians love cricket is a little difficult to understand. Major India matches bring the country to a standstill and while the IPL is not at that level yet, it has a passionate following as well. The regional rivalries play their part but the unpredictable nature of T20 cricket makes things exciting as well. IPL season is also when massive money changes hands, both online and offline. What are the best IPL betting tips? What should you know to help you make money? Read on.

What are the best IPL betting tips?

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Try and choose bets that have just two possible outcomes. For example, if you bet on the winner of a match between KKR and RCB, one of those two teams has to win. Whatever else happens in that match, the result of your bet is binary. You may not get astronomical odds but your chance of winning is more.
  • Search for the best odds. We cannot stress this enough. You should always accounts at two or more sites so that you can get the best odds. Betway and 10Cric are two websites that are excellent for IPL betting odds. The better odds you get, the more money you win. Simple.
  • Use In-Play betting smartly. T20 cricket is full of shifts and so you will always get a chance to hedge your bets. You cut down on the amount of money you can win but you limit your losses. In some cases, you can even guarantee you win handsomely no matter what the result!
  • Have enough money to bet. This is very crucial if you want to bet and win regularly. The best predictions on IPL cricket will be right about 55-60% of the times and so you are going to lose. If you are scared of losing, you will never be able to win.

Go all in or enjoy the game from home without anything on the line.