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What are the Odds of Hitting a 10 Team Parlay?

Parlay bets, also known as an accumulator or multi bets, have gained popularity in recent times. Rather than placing individual wagers, an accumulator bet combines these multiple bets into a single bet, offering a much higher payoff. But parlay bets are notoriously difficult to get right. What are the odds of hitting a 10 team parlay? They are astronomical but not impossible.

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What are the odds of hitting a 10 team parlay?

The reason why parlay bets are difficult to win is that even if a single bet goes wrong, you lose the entire bet. The higher the number of teams you bundle into an accumulator, the more difficult it gets to win the bet. In case there is a tie or a `push´ for any of the teams in a parlay, that bet is not counted, and your parlay is automatically adjusted for a lower number, and the odds reduced accordingly.

In the case of a 10 team parlay, the odds of winning, according to William Hill sportsbook, are 720 to 1.

While parlays can be very rewarding for punters who hit them, they are a profitable business of sportsbooks, because of the difficulty in getting them right. In the case of typical football wagers, the bookies win about 5%, while in the case of parlay bets, that number could be upwards of 30%.

It is easy to get carried away by looking at the handsome odds of bigger parlays, but the key to winning more times than not is placing smaller accumulator bets, typically up to 4 team parlays. While the payout might be less, you have a better chance of getting them all right.


What are the odds of hitting a 10 team parlay? Parlay bets are usually not recommended until you are absolutely sure of the outcomes. Newer players should be even more careful and will be better off sticking to straight bets, leaving parlays for the more experienced ones.