What are the Wagering Requirements in Royal Panda?

Royal Panda is a very good online casino that also offers some of the most attractive casino bonuses and promotions out there. However, with every bonus you should first look at the terms and conditions that come attached. Things like wagering requirements can make all the difference to a bonus being good or worthless. What are the wagering requirements in Royal Panda? Read on to find out.

What are the wagering requirements in Royal Panda?

Royal Panda has a standard wagering requirement of 35x on all money won through bonuses, free spins, or other promotions. There are some promotions that may have a lesser wagering requirement but that will be specifically mentioned. If you cannot find a number mentioned then assume it is going to be 35x.

What does this number mean, though? It is quite simple. A wagering requirement is the string that comes along with the bonus. For example, you get a free spin and using that you end up winning INR 1000. This money is going to go into your bonus account is not withdrawable until you have met the wagering requirement.

That means you have to bet 35x 1000 = 35000 before that money goes into your betting account and is withdrawable.

The casinos add this to ensure that people are not misusing their bonus and are actually playing with real money as well. Remeber that casinos are not in the business of just giving away money and so if you are getting a freebie, make sure you pay attention to the fine print.

What are the wagering requirements in Royal Panda? All things considered, a 35x wagering requirement is pretty standard. We have seen 50 or even 60x wagering requirements that are frankly just ridiculous. As an online casino, Royal panda is pretty fair and you should have a good experience over there.