What Does 1×2 Mean in Football Betting?

What does 1x2 mean in football betting?

Betting on football matches is hugely popular around the world and India is no different. While cricket may be the most popular sport in India, the population is so huge that even the football-loving public is pretty huge in number. Every sport has some bets that are particular to it and a different sort of lingo develops for such bets. For example, the 1×2 bet is very popular in football but to an outsider or a newbie, it may not immediately be obvious what it means. What does 1×2 mean in football betting?

Let us answer that for you right here.

What does 1×2 mean in football betting?

1×2 is a simple three-way bet. That means that there are three results possible. A win, a draw, or a loss.

For example: Manchester United and Liverpool are playing each other in an English Premier League match. You can get odds on a Manchester United win (Liverpool loss), a draw, or a Manchester United loss (Liverpool win).

That is it. This is one of the most common bets that are placed by punters all over the world when it comes to football.

If you look at websites such as Bet365 or Betway, sites that have made their name through football betting, the number of betting markets offered for each football match is just incredible. There are so many different options available to bet on for each match that it can actually take you a good chunk of time just to go through all of them.

The leading websites around the world even let you make your own bets and give you odds for it.

What does 1×2 mean in football betting? This is one of the simplest bets that you can make in football but that does not make it any less fun to do so!

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