What Does a 4 Fold Increase Mean?

What does a 4 fold increase mean? A 4 fold increase means an increase of four times. For example, you were winning INR 1000 but now you have seen a four-fold increase in your winnings and you are at INR 4000. That is pretty easy to understand right? IN the online betting, world, a 4 fold can also refer to a kind of multiple selection bet.

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What does a 4 fold increase mean?

A 4 fold increase refers to a  kind of multiple selection bet in which the player has to make four selections, all of which have to come through, in order to get paid. This is a kind of accumulator bet or a parlay bet and different bookmakers have some different variations on offer.

We do believe that 1xbet India is the king of such kinds of bets. It offers a great deal of flexibility in allow the players to select their bets and offer very good odds for the same. Interestingly, a four-fold bet is not going to pay your out 4 times but much more.

The number refers to the selections that you have to make. You could even opt to play an accumulator with ten or more selections for some truly astronomical odds. Of course, you have to realize that the odds of winning such bets are minuscule and that is why the online casinos have no problem offering you such attractive odds.

What does a 4 fold increase mean?

A four-fold increase, in simple language, refers to a 4x gain. In the gambling world, though, it is likely to refer to an accumulator that will pay out much more than just 4x. Never be afraid of asking what a term means or reading through the terms and conditions. The Live Chat systems of most betting sites India will be happy to explain any such terms to you in a matter of seconds.