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What Does Bar Mean in Horse Race Betting?

What does bar mean in horse race betting?

Although betting on horse racing is one of the most popular types of sports, not many punters are fluent with the terminologies used for horse race betting. For example, What does bar mean in horse race betting?

It is an important horse race betting term that you should know.

What does bar mean in horse race betting?

The term `bar´ is usually used for a cut-off number, beyond which the odds are not quoted. In a horse race, there may be many competing horses, and obviously, not all of them are interesting to the punters, especially for the outright or `win´ markets.

The bookmakers will typically mention the bar at the bottom of the odds list. For example, if the bar is set at 60-1, the horses whose odds are longer than 60-1 will not be mentioned on the list. This is done in order to avoid any confusion and to keep the betting list concise by omitting the choices which are the least likely to be chosen by the punters.

Can I bet on horses that have odds longer than the bar?

Of course, you can still bet on horses whose odds are longer than the set bar, by contacting the bookies. You are sure to find someone who will be willing to give you the extremely long odds. Or better, you can even try out some popular betting exchanges like Betfair.

What does bar mean in horse race betting? While the bar was much more common with brick and mortar bookies, with the rising popularity of online betting sites, you are most likely to find the odds for each and every runner in a race.

Best sites for horse race betting

There are many sites on the internet that accept bets for horse races, some of the best ones, especially if you are a user from India, include bet365, betway, Rabona as well as 1xbet. All these sites accept bets in Indian rupees too.

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