What Happens if a Cricket Match is Tied in Bet365?

Bet365 is one of the most well-known online sportsbooks for cricket betting on the internet, used by millions of punters from across the globe. It allows players to bet in a number of different markets, including the easiest one, who will win the match. What happens if a cricket match is tied in Bet365 India? Do you win or lose? Let’s find out.

What happens if a cricket match is tied in Bet365?

The way in which your bet will be settled in the event of a tie depends on the bet you have made. If the official result of the match is declared as a `Tie´, and you have specifically placed your wager on a `Tie´ result, your bet will win and you will be paid accordingly.

However, if there was no `Tie´ result to bet on, and the end result is a tie, the `dead heat´ rule applies.

Dead-heat rule

Under the dead heat rules, you will be paid out by dividing your return by dividing it by the number of players or teams that have tied, which in the case of cricket is 2. So basically, you can expect to be paid half the initial expected return in case the match ends in a tie.

Do remember that the dead heat rule applies only if the end result of a match is officially declared as a `Tie´. This can happen when both the teams have completed their innings, or the match is terminated due to poor lighting conditions or weather and is declared a `Tie´. Abandoned matches are not considered and the bets are considered to be void.

If the outcome of a match is settled by a Super Over after a tie, the bets will be settled according to the outcome of the Super Over.

What happens if a cricket match is tied in Bet365? Now you know!