What Happens if the Player You Bet on Doesn’t Play?

What happens if the player you bet on doesn't play?

You are taking a lot of things into account when you place a bet. One of those is determining whether a player will play or not. What happens if the player you bet on doesn't play? That is an interesting one but we have the answer.

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What happens if the player you bet on doesn't play?

The exact rules governing this may vary from bookmaker to bookmaker and so you should check it out with whoever you are betting on. We will take the example of Bet365 as they are considered to be one of the most reputed bookmakers in the world.

For example, You bet on Marcus Rashford to score the first goal for Manchester United against Chelsea. However, due to some unforeseen reason, Marcus Rashford is not a part of the starting eleven and does not end up making it on the pitch at all.

Bet365 will void your bet and return your original stake to you. That means you do not lose or win anything, which is the fairest way to treat this situation in our opinion. Betway also has a similar rule as do most bookmakers with an established reputation.

Additionally, if another player scores the first goal, and then Marcus Rashford gets a chance to come on the pitch, the bet will still be considered void. However, if Rashford steps on the pitch but then gets injured during the game or goes off for any reason, your bet will be considered valid and you could lose your stake.

As we mentioned earlier, you should always check out the details of the bet with your bookmaker beforehand because the rules may vary from one to another. The answer should be in the fine print or just get in touch with the customer service to find out exactly.



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