What Happens When You Win a Bet?

Online betting and online casinos in India are becoming wildly popular. People are trying them out and learning that gaming online can be risk-free, fun, and transparent. You never even have to talk to another person throughout the entire process. Of course, there is a huge population of people that is just trying online gaming for the first time and so they do not quite know what to expect. For example, What happens when you win a bet? That is a great question to have and one that will answer in an easy to understand manner.

What happens when you win a bet?

Well, first off, congratulations! You have just made some money by using your knowledge of the sport or the casino game you are betting on. Luck plays its part, of course, but the more knowledge you have, the luckier you will be!

If you win a bet, your betting account will be deposited with the return immediately. That money is yours to withdraw as and when you like. Of course, if you have used a free bet or another bonus then there may be some wagering restrictions that you have to meet before making a withdrawal. You can learn more about that here.

Just make sure that your account verification has been done because no money can be withdrawn before that. All legitimate casinos like LeoVegas, Casumo, or Betway Casino require account verification.

To calculate the amount of money that you receive, just multiply your initial stake with the odds you bet on.

For example: if you bet INR 1000 on a bet with 2.00 odds, then you will get back INR 2000 and so you will have a profit of INR 1000.

What happens when you win a bet? That is pretty much it. You get your money and you can do what you like!