What is 90 11 in cricket betting?

What is 90 11 in cricket betting

Cricket is one of the most popular sports to bet on, especially in the Indian subcontinent and the UK. Bookies and punters calculate their returns with the help of odds offered for a particular team or an event to occur. Letโ€™s try to understand how the odds are read and how do they work. What is 90 11 in cricket betting? Letโ€™s understand that in the context of cricket betting odds.

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What is 90/11 in cricket betting

Whenever a bookie (For example, 1xBet) gives you the odds of 90/11, it is read as 90 to 11. It means that for every โ‚น11 that you will bet, you will win โ‚น90 if your bet is settled as a winner. Remember, the โ‚น90 is just your profit and not your payout. Your total payout will be โ‚น90 (profit) + โ‚น11 (initial stake) = โ‚น101.

Fractional odds are used throughout Europe, except for the UK, where they prefer their odds in decimals.

What are the other type of odds?

In addition to the fractional odds or European odds as seen above, there are two other popular ways in which odds are displayed, decimals, and American or `money-lineยด odds.

Decimals are the simplest to understand, as they show the total payout in case your bet wins. For example, if you bet on India to win at the odds of 1.70, you will get back a total of โ‚น170 for every โ‚น100 you bet.

American odds are more confusing, as they show you the amount you need to bet to win โ‚น100 in case you are backing a favorite, or your winnings if you bet โ‚น100 if you are backing the underdog. For example, in a match between India and Bangladesh, if you bet in India at (-479), you will need to bet โ‚น479 to win โ‚น100, while if you bet in Bangladesh to win at (+350), a โ‚น100 bet will fetch you โ‚น350.

What is 90 11 in cricket betting? Now, you know!


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