What is a 4 Fold?

There are many different kinds of terms that you will come across in the betting world. Some of the popular ones refer to similar things like ‘Acca‘, ‘Accumulator', or ‘4 fold'. What is a 4 fold? It refers to a kind of multiple selections et where you have to make four picks in order to win.

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What is a 4 fold?

We love accumulator bets. They allow small bettors that play with small sums of money to be able to win a massive sum of money. Click here if you want to learn more about the biggest accumulator bet win in history.

A 4 fold is just another name for a kind of accumulator that needs four picks for you to end up on the winning side. Why would you opt to play such a bet when you can easily place four bets?

The answer lies in the odds that you are offered. The odds offered to you by an online casino like Betway or Bet365 keep on increasing exponentially with the number of selections. That means you will a lot more money if you include four selections in one 4 fold bet rather than the same picks individually.

What is a 4 fold? It is essentially an accumulator bet that has four selections. The terms is meant to make the bet easy to understand for the most number of people. It will also help introduce them to the concept of multiple selections betting.

Most number of people end up playing the same kinds of bets over and over again. You will wins some and you will lose some but you will not really make a big leap from your current financial situation.

An accumulator or a 4 fold as some online casinos call it, is the one way to truly win something life changing. Good luck.