What is a Bet Slip?

What is a bet slip? A bet slip is a traditional way of giving a customer a receipt for the bet placed. Traditional betting shops used to record the stake, the odds at which the bet was placed, and the return if the bet were to come through. Now that betting has moved online to a large extent, the need for a bet slip is actually not there, however, it has been included in the user interface of leading casinos like Dafabet, Betway, and Bet365.

What is a bet slip?

A bet slip used to refer to an actual paper slip with the information about the bet placed but now it refers to an electronic summary most of the time. The term ‘bet slip' is now a misnomer but it serves the purpose since people know what to expect when they hear it.

A bet slip is also where another very important feature of online casino lives. The cash-out feature is accessible through the bet slip when it is available. The idea is to allow the bettor to have complete control over the bet and to be able to end his/her participation whenever they wish.

If you have placed an accumulator or another multiple selection bet then you will be able to see all of your selections in the bet slip with the odds next to each selection. As your bets keep coming in, the bet slip will reflect those results as well.

If, however, one of your selections loses and you can no longer win, the bet slip will show the bet as settled.

What is a bet slip? That has changed a lot in recent decades and there is nothing to say that it will not change further. It is good to see that the leading online casinos are keeping the old ways alive even in the digital age!