What is a Cash Out Amount?

Cash out is a very popular feature that is offered by a number of the leading bookmakers like Bet365 and Betway. This feature allows you to take a certain cash out amount and end your participation in a bet even before the bet has been settled. What is a cash out amount? That is the amount that is offered to you by the bookmaker at any given point before the bet is settled.

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What is a cash out amount?

The cash out feature basically allows you to take the money on offer at any time that you want. Not all bets are eligible for this feature, though, so make sure that you check before you bank on using it. The exact amount that you are offered is going to vary as the game progresses and the likelihood of your winning the bet changes.

For example: If you have bet a multiple bet on the winners of three EPL football matches. At half-time, you are winning all three of your bets and stand to make a sizeable sum if nothing changes at the end. The cash amount at this stage is going to be lesser than what you would win at the end but still an excellent amount.

You have to decide whether you want to take this money, assured right now, or wait till the end of the match.

Let us say you decide to wait. In the second half, the other team makes a comeback and one of your selections falls behind horribly. Now, the cash out amount being offered is going to be a pittance compared to before and may not even cover your original stake.

This is why you have to be very careful when you use this feature. We only advise using it to bank a big profit in a situation where you could end up losing it or to cut some losses when there is no other option left.