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What Is a Double in Horse Race Betting?

What is a double in horse race betting?

Horse race betting terminologies can be a bit confusing, especially if you are new to the sport. Here, let’s find out what is a double in horse race betting?

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What is a double in horse race betting?

A double is the simplest and most popular way of placing a multiple bet on horse races. It can work in a number of ways. The easiest way of explaining it is by looking at two different horse races. If you place a double bet, the stake amount is placed on the first race. If you win, all the winnings are automatically bet on the second race, thereby increasing your winning amount significantly. The drawback however is that even if any one of your selections loses, you will lose your entire stake as well as the winnings.

You can also place an each-way double bet, where your stake is evenly split into a win bet and a place bet. If your selection wins, the profits will be quite high, as both the halves of your bet are winning. However, if your selection does not win, your winnings will be reduced substantially, as the `win´ half of your wager is lost, and only the `place´ half gives a return.

Advantages of placing double bets

Double bets are a great way for punters to graduate from simple and basic bets like win and show bets. Since they require a bit of research to be successful, they can be viewed as a precursor to other multiple and more complicated bets like a Trixie, Yankee, and a lucky 15.

Double bets are also viewed as a great way of increasing your returns without taking too much of a risk, as the odds are considerably longer when compared to the two individual single bets, as odds for double bets are calculated by multiplying the odds of individual bets.

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