What Is Account Verification in Dafabet?

Dafabet is a trustworthy website that follows strict rules and regulations. This is something that is done to keep the customers safe and to ensure that there is no misuse of funds going on. One of these checks is to verify every new account. What is account verification in Dafabet? It is pretty much the same as on any other website. Dafabet India wants to be sure that you are who you say you are. In addition, it wants to be sure that your money is not coming from an illegal source.

What is account verification in Dafabet?

Making an account with the betting sites India Dafabet is very easy. You just follow the instructions and enter the relevant information. Your account is, however, not fully active until the verification is complete. You cannot make any withdrawal until the account verification has been done and so do not deposit any large amounts until then.

To complete your account verification follow these steps:

  • Make your account (with accurate information)
  • Get in touch with Dafabet through the Live Chat feature
  • Request account verification
  • The fastest way is to share the documents via email Dafabet
  • Wait for a few hours until the verification is complete

You need need to furnish one address proof and one identity proof but that may not be all. In rare cases, the Dafabet executive may request for some additional proof. Something like a passport, driving license, or Aadhaar card works without any trouble.

This part of betting is not fun and there is no way to change that. It is, however, important that you are playing on a website that values your safety. A website that does not follow these regulations can close any time and what happens to your money then?

Go through these extra steps so that you can enjoy a worry-free betting experience. Good luck!