What Is Banker In Bet365?

What is banker in Bet365?

Bet365 offers many different kinds of bets that you can choose. The standard betting slip is no doubt familiar to you but then there is the accumulator, doubles, trebles, or banker. According to us, a banker bet is a brilliant option that users must utilize more. So, what is banker in Bet365? How can you use it? Read on.

What is banker in Bet365?

A banker, in this regard, means a sure bet or one you are most confident about. So, how a banker bet works on Bet365 is that:

  • Firstly, you need to change your bet slip from ‘Standard’ to ‘Banker’
  • You must make a minimum of three selections to make a banker bet available
  • Now, select your banker bet
  • Keep in mind that your Banker bet must win but you can choose otherwise for your other bets.

For example, there are three English Premier League matches that are about to start.

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Manchester City vs Norwich City, Liverpool vs Aston Villa, Southampton vs Newcastle.

You are sure that Machester City is going to win its match and so you make that your banker. You can choose 1/2 (one win out of the other two) or 2/2 ( both selections win) depending upon your research.

What if your banker bet loses?

If you lose your banker bet, you cannot win anything. As long as your banker comes through, however, you have a chance of winning some money.

The odds for a banker bet are lesser than an accumulator or some other types of multiple selection bets. You do have, however, a much better chance of winning and so we think it is worth the tradeoff. Your banker bet can contain up to 14 teams across different sports and have multiple bankers.

Lastly, a banker bet allows you to win some money even if one or two of your matches don’t come through. This makes it a very bettor-friendly option.