What is Bhav in Cricket Betting?

Betting on cricket is extremely popular in India. The majority of this betting takes place offline where bookies give you a rate for the match or a ‘bhav' on which you can place your bets. What is bhav in cricket betting? It is very easy to understand. it is also very important that you know the basics of betting because you are going to placing your hard-earned money on it. Not knowing what you are doing is a sure recipe for disaster.

What is bhav in cricket betting?

Bhav refers to the odds that are available for a particular betting market. For example, India is playing Pakistan in a match. The bookies will offer you a bhav for each team to win. This may be something like 1.70 for India and 2.25 for Pakistan.

This means if you bet Rs. 100 on India and win the bet, you will get back Rs. 170. If you bet on Pakistan and win the bet then you will get back Rs. 225.

Online betting has made the business of getting the best odds very easy. Sites like 10cric India, 1xbet India, or Bet365 India offer you the odds of every betting market upfront. They are locked in when you place your bets and you can easily see the projected return before you even bet on it.

As a bettor, you should always strive to get the best odds possible for every match. This is the only way that you can ensure you are getting the best return for the risk that you are taking. What is bhav in cricket betting? It is nothing but an Indian term that represents the odds for a particular betting market.

We think it is worthwhile having more than one betting account so that you can compare the odds and even make use of an arbitrage opportunity if it comes up.