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What is boxing in horse race betting?

What is boxing in horse race betting?

Horse race betting consists of both basic as well as exotic bets. While the basic bets are pretty simple to understand, the exotic variety may take some time to master. What is boxing in horse race betting?

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What is boxing in horse race betting?

A boxed bet is a strategic decision, rather than being an exotic variety of bet, which is usually used when you are unsure of the exact positions in which your selections will finish. For example, if you are placing an `exacta´ bet, where you will have to predict that horse `A´ will finish first, and horse ` B´ will finish the second. You can however box the bet, so you do not have to predict the exact position of each horse at the finish line. Horse A can either finish first or second, and the same is with `B´, which can finish in either of the two positions.

The stake amount however is double what it would be if you placed a straight bet. It is all about getting the best value from the odds being offering.

Advantages of placing a box bet

What is boxing in horse race betting? The biggest advantage of placing a boxed bet is that it takes off the pressure of guessing the exact position of the horse, as you would be required to do in an exact, trifecta or Superfecta. The selections just need to finish at any of the selected positions, and not in a specific order, in order to win the bet.

The strategy is particularly useful for those who are new to the world of horse race betting and are having initial shots at exotic bets like the superfecta and the trifecta. The strategy is useful to cover most bases of a bet. Also, the odds are usually similar to the non boxed straight bets and are a fun way to minimize your chances of losing money.