What is Cricbuzz?

What is cricbuzz? Cricbuzz is one of the most popular cricket platforms in the world. It started as a website but it was always designed for a mobile interface and that is where it really got the momentum going.  While the basic aim of cricbuzz was the provide live scores in a light and resource sparse application, it has now started to dive much deeper into video content creation and has a number of former cricketers on board.

What is cricbuzz?

We would like to think that cricbuzz was the second cricket app most people downloaded after cricinfo but that changed somewhere along the line. Cricbuzz is more popular now and ranks higher in google rankings as well. We do not think it produces better content or provides better quality articles or even does a better job at live commentary.

It does an okay job but it continues to be a much faster website and a much simpler mobile app to use.

That seems to be what really drives its popularity among people. Cricbuzz is now headlined by Harsha Bhogle, the best cricket analyst in the country, and that has got it a lot of new viewership as well.

What is cricbuzz? That is a question that cricbuzz itself took a few years to answer. It has stayed true to its name and is an excellent place to find information, scores, and live updates for cricket. Slowly but surely, the next step of its evolution has to be more visible sponsorship of events, improving its editorial team to include some of the best writers from around the world, and maybe even bidding for streaming rights of cricket matches.

Until then, fans will continue to depend on cricbuzz for its live scores but will look elsewhere when they want some cutting-edge opinion or commentary.