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What is Cricheroes?

What is Cricheroes? Cricheroes is a unique cricket app that we absolutely love. This space is pretty crowded in Indian and it is not easy to make your mark. You have to have something different to be able to differentiate yourself and that is exactly what Cricheroes has been able to do.

What is Cricheroes?

Cricheroes is a cricket app that is geared around the cricket-playing community in India. It provides features such as being able to organize cricket tournaments, create leagues, score your matches and keep a record, develop stats for every single player, and so on.

It allows people who are serious about their cricket a way to experience things similar to what the professionals do.

There are some pro features that allow players to be able to stream their matches live, get advertising, and a lot more. It really is the one-stop shop for all cricket things that you would ever need if you are a half-serious player.

Also, when we say serious, we do not just mean youngsters that are trying to make a career as a professional cricketer (the app is for them, of course) but also the thirty or forty-year-olds that play every Sunday, the cricket group that meets once or twice a month, and so on.

It has something for everyone.

What is Cricheroes? The app makes money by providing some ‘Pro' features that allow a user to analyze their game and grow with it. The free version is good enough for most people, however. The app also provides access to cricket news, social media updates, and even international scores but that is just a way to provide a retentive feature for its userbase.

That is far from the main focus of Cricheroes and one of the reasons why we think it has been so successful.