What is Cricinfo?

What is Cricinfo? Cricinfo is the de-facto home of cricket on the internet. It has a huge readership and is the most popular cricket website in the world. The website is owned and operated by ESPN now after it acquired it a few years back. Having that sort of backing and financial clout has allowed cricinfo to take its coverage to the next level.

What is Cricinfo?

Cricinfo covers every single significant (and insignificant) cricket match around the world. For the bigger matches, they provide ball by ball text commentary which is very popular and a way for people to follow the match along when they are at work, at school, or anywhere else! For matches that are at least a first-class level but not of too much public importance, cricinfo provides live updates (often ball by ball) and the complete scorecard for each match.

There are two main reasons why people love cricinfo. The first is that they get the best editorial content on cricket from around the world. There is nothing else or no other website that comes close. Second is the fact that cricinfo has records of every single match played around the world in great detail.

There is a feature called ‘Statsguru‘ which puts the entire database at the fingertips of its customers and allows them to search for stats the way they want to. It is great for power users and professionals that want to research a certain aspect of the game.

What is Cricinfo? We think it has been instrumental to the growth of the game in places where live telecast was often not available. The website has grown as the game has and become an integral part of many fans' lives. If you have not checked it out, you absolutely must. The app is pretty good and worth a download as well.