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What is Double Chance in Football Betting?

Betting in football has come a long way. While historically, bets were placed on who will win a match, these days there are infinite possibilities in ways that you can bet. The world of football betting is full of jargon that can confuse the newbies. One such term is `double chance´. What is double chance in football betting?

Read on to find out the answer.

What is double chance in football betting?

Double chance betting is a type of bet in which you can place a wager on two different outcomes of a match, to increase your possibility of winning. A game of football between Team A and Team B has three possible outcomes. Either Team A wins, or Team B wins, or there is a draw. In a simple match bet, you have to put your wager on only one outcome. Using the double chance option gives you the flexibility of betting on two out of the three outcomes.

Double chance betting is the most useful when you are looking to bet on an underdog. Your research shows that on the given day, the underdog is likely to beat a heavyweight, but you are still looking to cover your bet in case there is a draw. Under such circumstances, double chance bets are pretty helpful. Every major betting website like Betwinner offers this bet.

A disadvantage of double chance betting is that you lose some value in terms of odds, as the returns on a double chance bet are typically lower than when you bet on a single outcome. But on the flip side, it might help you from ruining your accumulator bet.

What is double chance in football betting? In a way, double chance bets are similar to draw no bet wagers, as they cut your risks. In Draw no bet, in case the match ends in a draw, you get your original stake back, i.e. you neither win nor lose any money.

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