What is Fancy in Cricket Betting?

There are some terms in cricket betting that are unique to India. You may not have heard of terms like ‘Khaya’, ‘Lagaaya’, ‘Session’, and ‘Fancy’ but the Indian cricket betting public uses them every day. Like any jargon, these terms can be difficult to understand for newbies. So, what is fancy in cricket betting?

Fancy in Cricket Betting

You may have heard of spread betting in sports like football or basketball. It is also something that a few specialized bookmakers offer on cricket, like Betway India, Bet365 India and many more. Fancy cricket betting is the local term to describe cricket spread betting.

It is also known as supremacy betting in some parts of the world. Some people also put session betting under the same umbrella as cricket fancy betting.

How to bet on a cricket spread?

A ‘spread’ is nothing but a range of outcomes that have been predicted. If you think the outcome is likely then you ‘buy’ the spread but if you think the prediction is not going to happen then you ‘sell’ the spread.

You can win and lose a lot of money very quickly in this type of betting.

Let us look at this with a cricketing example.

It is the first day of a test match between Australia and India at the Gabba. The pitch is hard, fast, and helpful for the bowlers. India has aggressive openers like Mayank Aggarwal and Rohit Sharma at the crease while Australia has a world-class bowling attack.

The spread on the fall of the first wicket may be 35-40. If you think India’s openers are going to score many more before they get out, you can buy the spread. Every runs they score above the spread is going to add to your profit.

If however, Australia’s bowlers strike early then your loss will be increased at the same level as well.