What Is Issue Number in Bet365?

Bet365 offers you many different ways to deposit money including the use of debit and credit cards. A world-class website like Bet365 follows the latest security protocols and so you can be sure that your financial information is safe. One of the things that you may need to know is the card issue number. What is issue number in Bet365? It is pretty simple really. Read on.

What is issue number in Bet365?

An issue number is usually a one or two-digit number found on the front of your debit/credit card. Not every debit card has one because it is not standard across countries. US debit cards from certain banks and German girocards have an issue number.

Why do you need to know your issue number?

An issue number is a means of adding another layer of security when you use your card online. You may need to enter it to confirm the use of your card to deposit money on a website like Bet365 or another.

What if your card does not have an issue number?

That is very possible and so you just have to enter a ‘0’ in the place where you need to enter the issue number. If that does not work, however, you can try ‘1’ as well.

Indian debit cards and credit cards do not normally have an issue number. They have a three-digit CVV number that is on the back of the debit/credit card.

Is Bet365 safe?

Bet365 is home to millions of users and handles billions of dollars every single year. Not only would we say that Bet365 is safe but we would also bet that it is safer than most banks around the world! Its entire business revolves around money and so having the best security protocols in place is just standard practice at this point.