What is Kabaddi?

What is Kabaddi?

While the game is quite popular in the countries of the Indian subcontinent, many individuals from the other parts of the world might not know about Kabaddi. What is Kabaddi? Let’s understand the basics of the game.

What is Kabaddi?

Kabaddi is a popular contact sport, played between two teams. While the game has been played in India since ancient times, it achieved its due recognition in the 1920s, when the initial competitive tournaments were held. It is now a mainstream sport and included in major tournaments like the Asian Games. There have also been 3 Kabaddi World Cups held so far. The Pro Kabaddi League, launched in 2014 on the lines of the IPL, has made the sport even more popular.

How it’s played

What is Kabaddi? Two teams of 7 players each face each other on a rectangular playing area, and a separated by a centerline. Each team takes turns to send in a `raider´, who crosses the centerline to enter the opposite half. His or her goal is to tackle as many players of the opposing as possible while chanting the word `kabaddi´ without breaking their breath, and coming back in to their half before they run out of breath. All the players that a raider touches before returning successfully to their half are considered to be out.

The goal of the opposing team is to stop the raider from crossing back to their half before they run out of breath.

Games usually last for 40 minutes each, divided into 2 equal halves and a break in between.

Betting on Kabaddi

The Pro Kabaddi League has garnered great interest from the fans of the sport, as well as punters. Most major betting websites, like bet365, 22bet, and Funbet accept bets on Kabaddi games. Punters can bet on the outcome of the matches, as well as on halftime scores.