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What is Loss Cut in Cricket Betting?

Betting on cricket is a very fun thing to do and millions of people around the world bet on every single cricket match that you could imagine. This includes people from India as well that love to bet on cricket even though that is technically illegal in India, at least when we talk about offline betting. Online betting on cricket is legal in India because of a loophole in the law that makes no mention of it all. A number of people have started to bet online on the best betting sites and discover the wide range of betting markets that are available for each match. You will come across a number of terms that are specific to betting in India that may be a bit difficult to understand. One of these is ‘loss-cut'. What is loss cut in cricket betting?

Once you know what it means, you will realize that it is not something difficult at all.

What is loss cut in cricket betting?

A trading bet where you bet against your initial bet to try and cut your losses is called a ‘loss-cut' bet. For example. you bet on India in an India vs Australia T20 match. As the match starts to progress, you realize that the match is going Australia's way. You can either hope for a miracle so that your initial bet pays out or you place a bet on Australia to try and counter your losses.

Chances are that the odds that you get to place on Australia are not going to be as good as what you bet on initially but you can counteract that with a bigger amount.

What is loss cut in cricket betting? It is a trading bet or a hedge to try and reduce the amount of money you will end up losing. It is something very commonly done by bettors who know who to work the odds.

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