What is the Best Bet to Make in Kabaddi?

Kabaddi has been played in India since ancient times. It has gradually evolved into the sport that we know now. It is quite popular in the countries of the Asian subcontinent, so much so that it is the national sport of Bangladesh. It’s quite popular with the punters too! What is the best bet to make in kabaddi?

Here are some tips to remember.

What is the best bet to make in kabaddi?

The simplest bet which can also give you good returns is predicting the outright winner. Of course, like with all types of sports bets, you will need to do a bit of research while placing this bet, but it’s easier to guess once you get to know all teams.

As expected, India has one of the strongest Kabaddi teams in the world, having won all the three Kabaddi World Cups held till now. While the Patna Pirates have won 3 of the 7 seasons of the Pro Kabaddi League held so far. Going by such historical records, you can try and guess the winners of upcoming tournaments.

Other types of bets that you can place on Kabaddi

What is the best bet to make in kabaddi? In addition to the outright bets, you can place pre-match bets, guessing the winners of each upcoming fixture.

There is also live-betting that you can do on Kabaddi matches, including guessing the number of points scored by each team during the first or second half, the total score of each team at the end of the game, and also the total number of points scored by both the teams during each game.

If you are confident about your research and have great knowledge about the players, you can also try your luck at proposition bets, or prop bets as they are popularly known, in which you can place wagers on events like whether the upcoming raid will be successful or not.