What Is the Best IPL Betting Prediction App?

What Is The Best IPL Betting Prediction App?

The IPL runs for close to two months and captures the imagination of the country. The nature of the T20 matches is close and also because the IPL teams are so full of world-class talent that making accurate predictions is difficult. What is the best IPL betting prediction app? Is there a way that you can figure out what is going to happen I each match and use it to your advantage?

What is the best IPL betting prediction app?

We think CricViz is one of the best cricket analyst apps that are out there. It is not very well-known outside of hardcore cricket circles because it does not really do the same stuff as other cricket websites. The focus here is on analysis and tying to get a read of what is going to happen.

There are some things to be wary of as well. People all over the internet will promise to be ‘fixers' or promise 100% results in return for your money. These are all false and you will only end up losing your money. The IPL is one of the biggest T20 tournaments in the world and any claims of match-fixing are false. Yes, we have seen instances of spot-fixing or betting by owners in the past but that is a very different thing and cannot affect the outcome of the match.

CricViz has a very good app that you can download and learn to use. It can also help you make some money if you are into IPL betting but be aware that CricViz is also not 100% accurate. The best prediction apps will be 55-60% accurate.

That is the nature of sport. Anything can happen. Online betting websites make millions of dollars because a lot of people get their predictions wrong. Play and take advice from the experts but be realistic about the risks as well.

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