What is the best IPL betting strategy?

What is the best IPL betting strategy?

Everyone wants to win every single time they bet but that is just not going to happen. Even the best bettors only win around 55-60% of the time that they play. What is the best IPL betting strategy? We think there is a very simple strategy that is waiting to be exploited! Learn more right here.

What is the best IPL betting strategy?

The IPL is a tournament in which every single team that competes has a number of very good match winners. This means that even the teams that seem the weakest can won against the best teams. Uncertainty is built into the tournament and this is why we see the underdogs win almost 40% of the time.

Our simple strategy recommendation is to bet on the underdog regularly. Don't be afraid of long odds. SUre, you may lose a few times as the favorites win but backing the long odds is going to be very profitable for you when you do win. Also, in matches that end up going the way of the favorites, you will have some opportunities to hedge your bets.

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What is the best IPL betting strategy? Betting the underdog in IPL matches is very profitable also because in almost every single match there are periods of play when the underdog is going to be on top. This is when you can hedge your bets and ensure that you are going to come out the winner no matter who ends up winning.

Sure, you are letting some potential profits go but you are also taking out all of the risk in the game!

Like all strategies, this is not foolproof and does not work 100% of the time. It does work very often, though, and we have seen a lot of success following this method during the IPL every season!