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What is the Meaning of Money Line Bet in Basketball?

Betting on the basketball can be a confusing prospect for new punters, especially from India, who are more used to bet on other sports like football and cricket. Basketball betting is a huge market in the USA, where betting terminologies are different compared to those used in India or European countries. What is the meaning of money line bet in basketball?

It will just take a few minutes for you to understand what it means. Read on.

What is the meaning of money line bet in basketball?

Money line bets are simply the bets on who will win a game of basketball. Every single bookmaker offers this market even though you may not immediately know its name. ComeOn is one such bookmaker that offers very competitive odds for basketball.  The money line is a way of displaying odds, most popular in the USA.

There are three popular ways in which odds are displayed for a `win´ bet, called the `decimal odds´, widely used in the UK and Ireland and probably the easiest to understand. The second most popular method is `fractional odds´ which is popular in other countries of Europe. And then there are money line odds, the most popular type of odds display in the USA.

How to read money line bets

Money line bets can be a bit confusing, especially for those outside the USA. Each game of basketball has a favorite team and an underdog. The team more likely to win has their odds displayed with a (-) sign, while the underdog team has their odds displayed with a (+) sign.

For example, in a game between the Nuggets and the Raptors, the bookies feel that the Nuggets are the favorite, and may give them the odds of (-165). This means, for every ₹165 that you bet on a Nuggets victory, you will win back ₹100 if they do win.

The Raptors, being the underdogs, may have the odds of (+174), meaning that for every ₹100 that you bet on a Raptors victory, you will win ₹174 if your bets are settled as winners.

What is the meaning of money line bet in basketball? The main difference between a `money line´ bet and a `line bet´ is that in money line bets, the margin of victory does not matter, while in `line bets´, your team has to win with a specific and predetermined margin of points.