What is the Minimum Bet Size at Campobet?

What is the minimum bet size at Campobet?

Campobet is a pretty popular online casino in some parts of the world but not a lot of people in India know about it. This is understandable but we think the aggressive marketing tactics and the great welcome offer by Campobet could change that quickly. Campobet is known for its online casino games but it also has a pretty strong sportsbook to offer as well. What is the minimum bet size at Campobet? That is surprisingly low and something that almost anyone can afford.

What is the minimum bet size at Campobet?

The minimum bet size at Campobet is just INR 50. That is it. You do need to deposit at least INR 1000, though, but the individual amount that you can bet at one time is pretty low. We think this is a good thing since it allows people to experience playing an online casino game or placing a bet without really taking much of a risk.

There are a few things that Campobet will need to change, though. Its options to deposit money from India are pretty limited and they prevent players from being able to experience everything that they have to offer. As things stand, Neteller appears to be the best bet for players to deposit money into their betting apps.

What is the minimum bet size at Campobet? That is small enough to not matter to anyone, however, the lack of deposit options means that you will probably want to deposit a larger amount so that you do not have to keep going through the process again and again.

There is no fee that is charged by Campobet for deposit or withdrawal, however, third-party apps always take a small percentage. This is why getting a big amount into your account in one go is probably a smart thing to do.

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