What is the Promo Code for 1xbet India?

What is the promo code for 1xbet India? Promotions are a part of the strategy on the part of online bookmakers in order to attract new customers, as well as to retain the old players. The better the promotions, the likelier it is that they will get a new customer. Promotions keep changing time and again, and you might need to enter a promo code in order to avail the promotion.

What is the promo code for 1xbet India?

Promo codes are a way of rewarding players who bet consistently on 1xbet.

Bonus funds

While using 1xbet, a player needs to select the `Bonus funds for Placed Bets´ prior to placing the bets. Once you activate the option, bonus funds will be credited to your account, based on your daily activities.

Only the activities from the past 10 days, or from the time your last bonus fund was credited, are taken into account.

Bonus funds are credited once per day. Only users who have been registered on 1xbet for at least 30 days are eligible for receiving bonus funds, and you have at least 100 promo points in your account.

Bets made using cryptocurrencies are not eligible to receive bonus funds.

Buying promo codes

Once you have accumulated enough bonus funds, you can use them to purchase promo codes from the `Promo Code store´ on 1xbet.

There are a variety of categories of promo codes from which a player can choose. These include esports like martial arts, ice hockey, tennis, and basketball. Players can also choose to buy promo codes for accumulator bets on volleyball, football,  basketball, and tennis. Each promo code is priced differently, with different terms and conditions regarding how to use it.

Once you have selected the promo codes, enter the amount of money that you wish to spend, based on the number of codes you want to buy, subject to the availability of funds. You can then use the promo code to place your bets.


Promo codes are an excellent way of rewarding loyal customers of 1xbet. Used judiciously, they can multiply the winnings of a player.