Where to Bet on Cricket?

India is a cricket-crazy nation and there is no shortage of people that are passionate fans. They love placing their money on their favorite sport as is the case with sports fans around the world. Where to bet on cricket? Unfortunately, placing bets on cricket can be a bit tricky in India. Most of the people still end up betting with bookies offline and that is not something we encourage at all. It is illegal and can bring you into contact with some dangerous elements of society.

We think there is a much better option that you should consider. Read on to find out.

Where to bet on cricket?

The best place to bet on cricket is online at one of the many trustworthy bookmakers that now accept people from India. Betting on these websites is not technically illegal since the law in India does not make any mention of them at all. There is not a single person that has ever been persecuted for betting online at one of these websites.

The best thing? You never have to come in contact with any other person during the entire process and so your safety and privacy are both taken care of.

The question now is which website to start at. There are a number of good options but we think it is worthwhile stepping off the beaten path a bit and checking out something like Casumo. This internationally reputed website is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and is extremely well-designed.

It is safe, fast, and the winner of multiple design awards. You can use it by downloading its app or even directly from your mobile internet. The odds that you get are always competitive and you are never going to be short of options to bet on. It also has an excellent casino to explore if you want a change of pace.