Where to Get Fantasy Sports Picks?

Fantasy sports has really picked up in India in the past few years, which has seen the rise of many fantasy gaming platforms like dream11, MPL, and my11circle. All of these offer their players crores of rupees in prize money. Where to get fantasy sports picks? After all, they can help you choose a better team, and get you a shot at winning the top prize.

Where to get fantasy sports picks?

Depending on the fantasy sport that you are playing, there are multiple websites that can help you make a better choice. Websites like Cricviz and Cricinfo have a great collection of statistics about various players. Cricviz conducts an in-depth analysis of each player, be it a batsman or a bowler, and how they perform on a particular ground or against a particular opponent. Similarly, Cricinfo too guides you with some great pre-match analysis of upcoming games.

Another great site that can give you some of the best fantasy sports picks is Fancode, which regularly puts out properly researched insights on fantasy picks, as well as expert tips on fantasy gaming, not only on cricket but other sports like football too.

Fantasy gaming vs betting

Although fantasy gaming has gained much traction in India, the associated market and the winnings are much less compared to traditional betting. Traditional betting gives punters a huge amount of flexibility, given the huge selection of sports and betting markets, while fantasy gaming is limited just to the selection of a team, and that too on just a few sports. Also, the maximum winnings that one can earn on some of the reputed betting sites are much more compared to fantasy gaming platforms.


Where to get fantasy sports picks? While the above-mentioned sites can help you make your fantasy picks, it is always advisable that players conduct their own due diligence and research before selecting a team. It is, after all, their money at stake.