Which are the Best Fantasy Sports Advice Sites?

Which are the best fantasy sports advice sites?

Fantasy sports are becoming a big business in India. Not only are the number of fantasy platforms increasing every single day, but the kind of prizes that are up for offer is also increasing as well. Players can win lakhs of rupees and basically change their lives forever if they win the mega contests. Which are the best fantasy sports advice sites? Where can you find some genuine advice that can help you win some real money?

Here are the best options,

Which are the best fantasy sports advice sites?


This is the best cricket analytics website out there. It is very different from traditional cricket websites and takes a very stats-based approach to their analysis. Also, this company does analytic work for professional cricket teams around the world including some IPL teams as well.

You can check out their preview and read about the players that have done well, the match-ups that are favorable, and other metrics that can help you make your decisions. With this website, if you have a good understanding of cricket, you can really take your fantasy game winnings to a whole different level.


Let us say you do not want to go through the research but want direct picks of who to add to your team and who to leave out. ESPNcricinfo is one of the world's most trusted cricket websites and certainly the biggest. They have seen the interest that people have in picking their fantasy teams and so now offer their picks before all major matches.

Keep in mind that a number of people are looking at the same thing as you. You may not agree with all of their picks but they do give out some solid advice for sure.

Which are the best fantasy sports advice sites? There are plenty of websites but in the end, it is your own gut that is going to guide you in the right direction!

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