Which Indian Debit Card Is Accepted by Bet365?

Bet365 allows you to deposit money using a number of different ways. The website works with payment methods from MasterCard, Visa, and Maestro. Most Indian banks issue cards from these companies, however, you may still have some problems using your card. If you are wondering which Indian debit card is accepted by Bet365 then you are not alone. Read on to learn more.

Which Indian debit card is accepted by Bet365?

In theory, any Indian bank that gives you a Visa or MasterCard should work on Bet365. This includes both their debit and credit cards. In practice, however, this does not happen because of Indian banking regulations. You may find that your transaction does not go through when you try your debit or credit card.

How can you use Indian bank cards at Bet365?

You can still use your Indian bank cards but there is an extra step to go through. You first need to make an account with Neteller or Skrill. These are trustworthy e-wallet companies that work with almost every Indian bank.

You need to make this account because once your money is in your e-wallet, you can instantly deposit it to Bet365 or any other website that you like. Withdrawals are also very fast when you use an e-wallet.

Your deposit process will look something like this:

  • Make an account with Neteller/Skrill
  • Deposit money to your e-wallet using your debit/credit card
  • Link Neteller/Skrill account to Bet365
  • Deposit money instantly

There are many reasons why you should use an e-wallet. Most importantly, you are not going to have any trouble while depositing or removing your money. You will have to pay a fee of about Rs.2 per Rs.100 that you deposit to Bet365.

You should try to use your card at Bet365. If it works, great! Use it. If, however, it does not work then make an e-wallet account and you will never face any problem again.