Which is the Best Poker Site in India?

Poker has grown tremendously in popularity in India. Perhaps the fact that major tournaments like the World Series of Poker are televised across the world and leading Poker players like Phil Ivy are genuine superstars in their own right has something to do with it. Whatever be the reason, it is now common to see people get together and play Poker like they used to play Teen Patti or Rummy at one point in time. It is natural then some of these players are looking to play online and test their talents against people from across the country. Which is the best poker site in India?

We think we the answer you are looking for!

Which is the best poker site in India?

PokerBaazi has to be the first name that comes to mind when you are talking about the best poker website in India. Not only does the website have a recognizable name and trustworthy reputation, but it also has one of the best interfaces to play poker from your mobile screens.

However, under the spit and polish there is a lot more to admire about PokerBaazi.

Licensed RNG – PokerBaazi uses a Random Number Generator to deal cards at its website. This ensures that there is no manipulation or cheating that is going on or even possible. Even the people that create the RNG cannot tinker with it and we think it is important that players be sure they are playing in a safe environment.

Of course, the fact that PokerBaazi has been around for seven years now and has never run into any sort of controversy must be something to consider as well.

Massive Prizes – Poker tournaments at PokerBaazi can have prizes of many crores of rupees up for grabs. This is a serious amount of money and if you are a serious poker player, this is where you want to be playing at. Of course, there is from for the smaller stakes players as well. You may want to test the waters or just play with a small amount of money recreationally, there is nothing wrong with that.

There are plenty of Live Player rooms for smaller stakes games as well.