Which Site is Best for Cricket Prediction?

Which site is best for cricket prediction?

Cricket is a national obsession and many say that it is the one true thing that unites the country of India. The sport of cricket is unique in that there are three different formats of the game that are played at the international level and every single one of them has its own advantages or disadvantages. One thing is certain, though, that the uncertainty of what is going to happen in a match increases as the duration of the match decreases. This is why tournaments like the IPL are so much fun because every single team can beat every other one on its day. Which site is best for cricket prediction?

Here are the two that we think are the best for you.

Which site is best for cricket prediction?


The first website that we think every single cricket fan should refer to is CricViz. This is a website that has worked with some of the leading teams around the world and helping them improve on the basis of statistical analysis. They cover most matches including big tournaments like the IPL, PSL, Big Bash, and others. WHile CricViz stops short of calling a winner, it certainly does shine a light on who is in good form and who has the best chance of success.


The biggest cricket website in the world has recognized the growing popularity of fantasy sports and now offers predictions for most matches. This is a useful tool to have in your armory. While these predictions are not always correct, they do provide good reasoning for the arguments that they make.

The only problem with ESPNcricinfo is that it does not make itself very accessible to casual fans of the game. If you want to use the statistical tools offered, you need to really know and understand the game.

Which site is best for cricket prediction? We think you can try one of these and be quite happy with the results.

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