Who Is the Owner of Bet365?

Bet365 is a publicly-traded company based in the United Kingdom. The answer to who is the owner of Bet365 is tricky since any shareholder is part owner of the company. However, the credit of creating the current avatar of Bet365 goes to Denise Coates, now a billionaire businesswoman.

Who Is The Owner Of Bet365?

Denise Coates is the daughter of Peter Coates, owner of a small chain of betting shops himself. Denise did not waste any time in revolutionizing the betting business after joining. She took over a neighboring chain of betting shops and bought Bet365.com in January 2000.

She also knew that the future of the gambling business is online and took the brave decision of selling the physical betting shops in 2005 for around 40 million pounds. Bet365 has since grown into one of the largest betting companies in the world with millions of players all across the globe. In addition, Bet365 is second on the list of top UK taxpayers.

Denise Coates has taken the company public but continues to hold 50.1% if the shares. This makes her the biggest shareholder and the effective decision-maker of Bet365. You can ask anyone who is the owner of Bet365 and the answer is going to be Denise Coates.

How much does Denise Coates get paid?

Denise Coates is consistently the highest-paid executive in the United Kingdom. She makes on average about 1 million pounds a day from 2019 on and is criticized for this lavish salary she essentially pays herself.

Since she is the founder, CEO, and largest shareholder of Bet365, we don’t see any reason why people should criticize her success. Above all, she has been instrumental in the rise of Bet365 from a small family-owned business to the behemoth it currently is.

Bet365 takes well over 50 Billion pounds in bets and is massively profitable. This is also the reason why you can be assured your money is safe when you bet with Bet365.