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Why is Bet365 Restricted?

An account being restricted means that you cannot place more bets. It may also mean that you cannot deposit or withdraw any money from that account but that is not always the case. Why is bet365 restricted? That is a common question from people that do not realize bet365 has restricted their account. Here are some possible reasons.

Why is bet365 restricted?

Bet365 may restrict your account for one or more of the following reasons:

  • An improper pattern of play detected
  • An excessive amount of money being gambled
  • The number of hours of playing time exceeding limits
  • Responsible gambling tools being used for account management

These are the most common reasons but you must know that bet365 or any other bookmaker reserves the right to restrict any account on its network.

What do all of these things mean, though?

Well, an improper pattern of pay could be one where some excessive amounts of money are gambled on a bet that is flagged for possible spot-fixing or match-fixing. You could also be playing the arbitrage game where your bet is hedged on an exchange. That is also not something that the bookmakers like to see and term it an unfair practice.

On other occasions, the account may be restricted to prevent you from playing too much. Bet365 is required to flag any accounts where the activity seems to be going beyond the normal level of playing either time-wise or money-wise. No responsible bookmaker wants you to play beyond what you can afford or fall into the trap of addiction.

Another common reason is that you or someone who has access to your account has used the responsible gaming tools to limit the amount of time/money you can play on your account. if you hit that limit then your account will be restricted and nothing can change that until the limit resets.  Why is bet365 restricted? Check out these reasons!

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