Why is Gambling Illegal in India?

Why is gambling illegal in India?

India has a pretty convoluted relationship with gambling. One hand is the fact that it is an integral part of the culture of India to gamble as can be seen around major festivals, holidays, or just recreationally. On the other is the fact that gambling is portrayed as an evil to end all society by political parties with vested interests. Why is gambling illegal in India? Online gambling at websites like ComeOn may be legal but that is a different issue altogether.

We believe that is largely inertia and a lack of political will to bring about change.

Why is gambling illegal in India?

Gambling is illegal in India because a lot of political parties continue to treat it as an issue to bring up and try to get votes with. People are sold on the idea that their children will fall into addiction or that they will ruin themselves and end up penniless. Sure, that happens to a very small percentage of people but that is not exclusive to gambling.

Alcohol and tobacco are sold freely all over the country, casinos are legal in several places, and ten states have government-run state lotteries that people can partake in. All of these also carry the same (if not higher) risk of addiction as well.

Also, the fact illegal gambling continues to thrive in the country and gives rise to a lot of crime has not gone unnoticed by the courts. The Supreme Court of India has advised the government to look into legalizing sports gambling in the country so that it can be regularized and a massive amount of tax revenue can be added into the government's kitty.

Why is gambling illegal in India?

The reason remains political because parties are worried about how it will be presented rather than focussing on the good that it will bring about. The country is changing but this aspect of its society still remains far behind the rest of the world.

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