Why Is My Bet365 Account Restricted?

Why is my Bet365 account restricted?

Why is my Bet365 account restricted? It is difficult to pinpoint the exact reason why Bet365 may choose to restrict an account. This is because you are not going to et any explanation and so the best you can do is to guess. There are always some conspiracy theories about Bet365 targeting winning accounts but we would first like to rule some obvious causes.

Why is my Bet365 account restricted?

Here some of the reasons you should check out:

  • KYC process is not complete
  • Responsible gambling algorithm is limiting the amount you can bet
  • There are deposit/gambling limits on your account and so you cannot bet more
  • Account has been dormant for a very long time
  • A complaint from the authorities
  • Suspected illegal activity
  • Misuse of bonuses

You may think that Bet365 is restricting your account because you are winning but that is quite unlikely. Bet365 runs out of the UK and the betting laws over there are very strict. They ensure that users are able to bet in a safe and fair environment. As a public company that makes millions in profit, Bet365 is not going to risk its reputation for such a small thing.

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The most common reason that we find is the Bet365 algorithm. This runs automatically and flags any accounts that it feels are betting money more than they can afford. The idea is to put automatic limits so that the users do not fall into a gambling habit.

Sometimes, however, this algorithm can target the wrong user accounts as well. You can get in touch with the Bet365 Live Chat and try to find out the reason behind the account restriction.

Lastly, if you are trying to game the system by using bonuses in an unfair manner or trying to earn money through arbitrage, you will not succeed. Don't even try. A warning and a ban may lie in store.