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Why is my Cash Out Suspended?

Many betting websites like Bet365, Betway, 22Bet, and more offer their players to cash out on certain events and sports. Using this option, one can collect their winnings before the event has reached its conclusion, or can limit their losses if things are not going their way. However, sometimes it may so happen that the feature suddenly becomes unavailable or is suspended, and you might be left wondering ‘why is my cash out suspended?' Let’s find out why that may happen.

Why is my cash out suspended?

There are a number of reasons that could lead to suspension of cash out. Some of the commonest include:

  • Since cash out is a dynamic market, its value keeps on fluctuating. If you have used a free bet, and the value of the cash out goes below the value of the free bet, the option becomes unavailable. However, if the value of cash out increases, it may become available again.
  • Sometimes, the cash-out option may be suspended temporarily due to in-game incidents like VAR. The option will be restored again as the game progresses. Patience is the key in cash out markets.
  • Betting websites rely on third-party providers for determining their cash out odds. In the unfortunate event that the third party is no longer able to provide this coverage, the cash-out option may be suspended.
  • If the website believes that players are misusing this option by placing pre-match wagers, and cashing out frequently before the event starts, thereby taking advantage of the movement in odds, it may withdraw the option for such players.
  • Not all the games and markets are eligible for cash out, and it may be so that the market you bet on too is not eligible for cashing out. In some cases, it may so happen that the market you bet on did not go `in play´. Hence the cash out option might be unavailable.

Why is my cash out suspended? Now you know what the possible reasons may be!