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Online betting is one of the most entertaining pass times for Indian punters. It is growing exponentially each day which is resulting in the sprouting of new betting sites entering the market.

Several bookmakers are trying to please the Indian players. As a result, they are intensely researching different features that would enhance the customer experience. One such attempt is the betting exchange function.

Betting exchange in India is not offered by every bookmaker as it doesn’t fetch much profit for the company but is benevolent to the punters. So we can find it only in the online bookmakers in India that are strong players in the betting industry that are customer-centric.

100 % UP TO ₹5000

Min. Deposit / Odds

300.00 ₹ / 1.50

Wagering requirements

wager 8x times

200 % UP TO ₹15000

Min. Deposit / Odds

1000.00 ₹ / 1.50

Wagering requirements

wager 15x times

50 % UP TO ₹1000

Min. Deposit / Odds

2000.00 ₹ / 1.50

Wagering requirements

wager 3x times

170 % UP TO ₹17000

Min. Deposit / Odds

1000.00 ₹ / 1.50

Wagering requirements

wager 15x times

100 % UP TO ₹10000

Min. Deposit / Odds

100.00 ₹ / 1.50

Wagering requirements

wager 15x times

This betting exchange sites in India page helps you to understand what exactly the term betting exchange function means and how does benefit Indian punters.

We also have put together some of the most popular betting exchange online bookmakers for you to check out and enjoy the profits. Let's go ahead and learn the most interesting and fun-filled function offered by the bookies.

What is a betting exchange?

Betting exchange is one of the features that is offered by very few bookmakers in India to increase the fun the punter experience in their online gambling journey. This function allows the bettors to exchange bets with other players just like themselves. That is, the bettors would be betting against the other gamers on the bookie rather than against the bookmaker.

So when a bettor is losing money it is not to the bookmaker which results in the latter just being an online platform or the mediator for the bettors to interact among themselves and enjoy the betting with better profits.

crickex app betting exchange

This is way better than conventional betting where the bookie has got more data and statistics that it uses against the players and reduces the chances of them winning.

The following are some of the advantages of the betting exchange function of the betting sites,

  • Since you would be against other players who have similar betting knowledge as you, the chances of winning are more.
  • The odds are determined by the market. That is, whilst you are in exchange betting and most of the players side with a particular team, the odds of the team with more bettors increase drastically giving them the advantage to improve their profits.
  • This also can be fruitful to the players betting on the opposite team as there would be fewer players wagering on their team so the money they can win would be more if their team wins.
  • A betting exchange is way more fun compared to conventional betting as the uncertainty is more just like the profits which give an adrenaline rush that they can share with other players.
  • Successful bettors are frequently banned by bookmakers in sports betting. A lot of times, bettors who routinely place wagers on several outcomes or all outcomes have been barred. There are no such limitations in a betting exchange, thus bettors can place bets on any or all outcomes of an event without worrying about being blacklisted.

How to use the betting exchange in India?

Now that you know what betting exchange is and does it benefit you with lots of profits, let us guide you through the basic steps that you would need to follow to start exchange betting on online bookmakers in India.

The following are the minimum steps you need to follow to enjoy exchange betting,

Join the betting exchange:

ekbet betting exchange India

The first step is to open an account on the bookie’s site or app to start your journey. The process is quite easy and you can register with proper guidance from the bookmaker. The basic steps that would be involved in this process would be,

  • Visiting the betting site through your PC or mobile browser or the app.
  • Clicking on the join/register/sign-up button on the homepage.
  • Enter your KYC details like name, password, city, country, currency, mobile number, email ID, etc.
  • Once you click on the register button, you would be receiving a confirmation mail to verify your account.
  • It is important to verify your details to claim your bonus and other winnings of yours through the betting exchange.

How to deposit your money on the betting exchange

The next step in your betting exchange would be to do the deposit. All the betting sites in India accept multiple payment platforms like UPI, Pre-paid cards, Online bank transfers, and Cryptocurrencies to make it easier for the bettors to deposit and withdraw their money.

The basic steps involved in this process would be,

  • Visit the official website of the bookmaker.
  • Create an account or log in to the existing account.
  • Click on the deposit button on the webpage.
  • Select your payment method at your convenience.
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit.
  • Give the payment details.
  • Complete the payment using the chosen payment method.
  • Check the reflection of the deposited amount in your gaming wallet.

How to Claim the welcome bonus of betting exchange

The betting sites in India invite the bettors with amazing betting bonus offers that you can claim by sticking to some wagering requirements and proceeding with the betting exchange. The basic steps of this are as follows,

  • Create an account.
  • Verify your account.
  • Go to the bonus/promotion section of the bookie.
  • Select the welcome bonus option.
  • Do the minimum deposit required and wager the odds.
  • Choose your mode of withdrawal and claim the bonus.

How to place bets on a betting exchange in India?

As we have cleared the doubts regarding the process of starting your betting exchange on the online betting sites, let us now see how you place bets on the betting exchanges whilst betting against the other players.

The following are the different types of betting exchange features,

Back Betting – This is a type of betting where you would wager on the market that would be in your favour. That is you would place a bet on a positive outcome or in favour of certain events. For example, during IPL betting, back betting means you would place a bet on the winning of a certain team as CSK wins in the MIvsCSK match.

Lay Betting – It is the opposite to back betting. That is if you bet on CSK to win the match in the above example.

In-Play Betting – This is live betting for the markets like cricket, football, tennis, etc. where the bettors would be betting on the live betting events.

Arbitrage Betting – This is one of the most advantageous features of betting exchange which is not available in traditional sports betting. Here you can bet on both outcomes of a particular event.

That is you can bet on CSK winning and also on CSK not winning. Isn’t that amazing?

What are the best betting exchange sites in India?

As you have been through all the important aspects of betting exchange, it is now time to learn about some best betting exchange sites in India. Our dedicated team has done intense research to come up with the following list of bookies that are best for exchange betting and also several other aspects that would benefit an Indian punter.

Ekbet Betting Exchange

The most reputable and well-known sportsbook worldwide is Ekbet India. It is recognized as the most reliable betting site in India. The bookmaker took advantage of the chance to grow in India because the betting market is expanding daily.

It is a customer-focused bookmaker that provides incredible gaming possibilities, outstanding odds, and several bonuses offered to pique the interest of its players.

When you visit the ekbet betting site, you can find the ekbet betting exchange under the sportsbook section which is powered by AE CRICKET.

The bookie immediately asks you to register which is quite simple. It has got events that are associated with markets like cricket, football, and tennis. Though niche betting events are available, the bookmaker offers extremely profitable odds with amazing bonus offers.

Crickex Betting Exchange

Want to use one of India's most renowned cricket betting sites? Start using crickex India right away. It has already established the go-to place for sports betting punters since the year 2019 and has had great success in establishing the norms for casino betting as well. The bookie is a comprehensive handbook for newbies who can follow it mechanically and prosper.

The crickex company offers a huge selection of online betting events that thrill the bettors. Any gambler, whether a rookie or an expert, can find something to their advantage.

It brags about the extremely favourable odds and betting promotions it provides to its customers. The deposit process is very easy and also the bettors have a chance to win a betting exchange welcome bonus and multiple bonuses every day, week, month, and year with a scheduled calendar informing the bettors, with a bare minimum deposit of Rs.50.

Indibet Betting Exchange

Indibet India is one of the premier cricket betting sites that was developed by Indians and for Indians. The bookmaker never gives up on entertaining its customers and is always flexible to meet their shifting wants.

The bookmaker offers you a plethora of sports betting events that you can exploit along with amazing cricket betting odds. Thousands of events from every market are powered by white-hat gaming companies

Indibet has a brand-new sports exchange with outstanding odds, liquidity, and markets. It provides online odds, as well as back-and-lay betting, allowing you to wager on the outcomes of thousands of events.

Football, tennis, cricket, horseracing, American football, basketball, and more sports are available to watch. The betting bonus for the bettors is up to Rs.10,000 for just a minimum deposit of Rs.100.

Bet Starexch Betting Exchange

It is one of the most happening sports betting exchange bookies that had been entertaining punters since its inception. Indian gamblers will find the bookmaker's fantastic live betting platform, which is known for its cricket wagering, to be a blessing. The bookie has built a significant customer base in India over more than a decade in business by earning its trust.

Customer service is available on a 24/7 basis via live chat and also a toll-free number is available for international users to contact at any point in time. The bookie has the largest sportsbook coming up with thousands of events every day under the betting exchange section.

It is popular for cricket, horse riding, and football betting exchange events and also provides a live betting function to 30+ sports markets, making it one of the most engaging betting sites in the market. Betting Exchange

Cricket exchange, in short CREX, is a leading single-sport platform for cricket analysis and updates. It was founded in 2017. You can find ball-by-ball stats for every cricket format, i.e, T20s, ODIs, Test matches, etc.

The app offers numerous live commentary options, scorecards, fixtures, player and team rankings, news, and more for cricket matches. It also has comprehensive statistics for each cricket match and cricketer who has ever participated in the sport.