Does Betway Pay if the Game is Interrupted?

Does betway pay if the game is interrupted?

Sports betting is usually done on the outcome of a match. With the introduction of live betting on websites like Betway, the process has become much more dynamic, opening up many new betting markets. Punters can not only bet on outcomes but also on in-game events, individual performances, etc. But what if the game is interrupted due to bad weather or some other reason? Does betway pay if the game is interrupted?

That is a tricky situation that most seasoned bettors will experience sooner or later.

Here is what you should know.

Does betway pay if the game is interrupted?

In case games are not played on their scheduled date, and for some reason, are postponed to the next day, all the bets placed on the game are carried forward to the following day. If for some reason, the game is again not played, all the bets stand void. However, in the case of baseball, all the bets are void immediately once the confirmation of postponement is received, and they are not carried forward.

In case a game of football or tennis is abandoned or interrupted due to bad weather, injury to a player, or crowd trouble, all the bets which have been settled until that time will be paid out.

In the case of multiple bets or system bets, the void selection will not be taken into account and the remaining bets will be run normally. For enhanced multiple bets, if the game is not played within 24 hours of the scheduled kick-off, the bets are considered to be void. Multiple bets which combine different selections of the same event are not accepted when the outcome is affected due to interruption.

Interruptions in software

While the software used by Betway is extremely smooth, and seldom faces any glitches, in the rare event of a system malfunction, all bets placed during that duration are considered to be void and will be refunded. Any overpayments done to your account will be adjusted for. Betway will not accept any liability for losses made by players on such void bets.

Does betway pay if the game is interrupted? Now you know!

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