How Can I Bet on Cricket in India?

Cricket betting is pretty big in India even though betting and most other gambling activities are considered illegal. Tournaments like the IPL see thousands of crores exchanging hands every single match, however, most of this betting is done in the gray market. How can I bet on cricket in India? You have two main options to bet on cricket from India. Let us show you the merits and drawbacks of both.

How can I bet on cricket in India?

To bet on cricket in India, you can either bet illegally on the gray market or you can bet online which is technically not illegal. If you do choose the gray market route then be prepared to deal with bookies, some illegal elements of society, and to bet with odds that are far from precise.

The other option, to be online, is much better in our opinion. You never have to talk to any other person or come in contact with anyone during the entire process. Pick a good cricket betting website (10cric, for example) and make your account.

You will be able to deposit money using some of the accepted methods and then start to bet on your favorite games. The odds are right in front of you and there is no question of being cheated. If you have more than one account, you will also be able to see what odds are being offered by different bookmakers and try to use any price difference to your advantage.

The number of betting markets that are available to you online is just way more than the gray market.

How can I bet on cricket in India? We suggest making an account online with one of the reputed bookmakers in the country and then take it from there. It is a decision that you will not regret!