How Do I Bet on a Cricket Exchange App?

Online bookies are fast gaining popularity in India, especially in countries like India, where there are no brick-and-mortar betting shops. Another popular way of online betting is via betting exchanges. So, How do I bet on a cricket exchange app?

Read on to understand how.

How do I bet on a cricket exchange app?

Betting on a cricket exchange app is pretty easy. Just like you would create an account on an online sportsbook, you can make an account on a betting exchange, deposit some money in your gaming account, and start betting. However, there aren’t very many betting exchanges available in India. One of the most popular cricket exchanges in India is the 1xbet betting exchange.

Why bet on a cricket exchange

Betting exchanges often represent the `true´ odds of an event. The reason being, in a betting exchange, the punters are betting against each other, rather than with a bookie. The exchange is just a platform that brings the bookies together and charges a commission on the winnings, which is about 1% for 1xbet.

A sportsbook pays out of its pocket and often gives out conservative odds to limit its losses. Also, the markets for 1.01 bets are pretty less, as they have a high chance of losing the bets.

On the contrary, on an exchange, you can find a huge range of bets and a wide variety of odds for these bets.

Another advantage of using a cricket exchange is for placing an each-way bet. Sportsbooks only allow you to play `back´ bets. You can place an opposite `lay´ bet on an exchange for the same event and score a win no matter what the outcome is.

How do I bet on a cricket exchange app? Now that you know, you should be aware of one of its shortcomings as well. A drawback of using an exchange is that you lose out on features like cash out, and the sports like esports and virtual sports are usually missing.