How to Delete Cricheroes Account?

Cricheroes is a cricket app that aims to be the home for all series and semi-serious cricket players in India. It has a number of very interesting features that help them track records in great detail in an easy and user-intuitive manner. However, you may decide after a while that you do not want to continue being a part of the Cricheroes community anymore. What should you then? How to delete Cricheroes account?

It is a bit roundabout but it is possible.

How to delete Cricheroes account?

Cricheroes is an app and you can obviously delete that from your phone at any moment. That does not remove your personal information from the app, though. To truly delete your account, you need to:

You will get a response pretty promptly and you will be asked to confirm your decision once more.

Once the account is deleted, all your personal information will be deleted from the account. Now, the thing to remember here is that cricket-related information or records that you may have created will continue to be a part of the Cricheroes database. That cannot be removed as it will affect other people's records as well.

The records will no longer be linked to your app and they will not be accessible to you even if you try to search for them.

How to delete Cricheroes account? Just send an email to the address we have shared with you and you should be able to close your account. Overall, though, we believe this is easily one of the best cricket-scoring/record-keeping apps that is available in India right now. Nothing else comes close and amateur players will really be able to get a lot of value from the various features that are included even without playing for the full version.

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